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About Carmel Pediatrics

Dr. Ada Dickinson

Dr. Ada Dickinson is a board certified Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatrics and a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Dickinson completed her post-graduate residency training at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, Texas. She has served the children of Charlotte since 1993.

Dr. Dickinson and her husband have lived in the South Charlotte area since 1993. She is a member of St. Gabriel's Catholic Church. She is active in the Charlotte Youth Ballet and Charlotte Children's Choir. Dr. Dickinson is an avid reader and enjoys the arts of dance and song. As the mother of three wonderful children, Dr. Dickinson understands the challenges of being a working mom in today's environment.

Medical Society Memberships:

- Diplomate of The American Board of Pediatrics

- Fellow of The American Academy of Pediatrics

- Recipient of the CME Award from The American Academy of Pediatrics

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Carmel Pediatrics, PA is a private practice owned by Dr. Dickinson. While Dr. Dickinson has worked in hospitals and large offices, she is most comfortable in a small practice. The intimate and small office setting allows her to spend quality one-on-one time with her young patients and their parents.

Dr. Dickinson believes in a team approach to providing quality health care to her patients. Parents must be an integral part of that team approach. Dr. Dickinson believes that educated parents are best able to assist in preventative health care to keep their children happy and healthy. Dr. Dickinson welcomes any question parents have regarding their child's health. Dr. Dickinson is committed to spending the time necessary so that parents are well informed regarding any illness and the expected milestones of their healthy developing children. As such, Dr. Dickinson may spend more time with patients than is typical.


Carmel Pediatrics, PA was first opened by Dr. Dickinson in 1994 on Carmel Road in Charlotte. As the practice expanded, Dr. Dickinson moved closer to Mercy South Hospital - now Carolinas Medical Center Pineville. In 2006 Dr. Dickinson joined the Carolinas HealthCare System. After working with Carolinas HealthCare for three years, Dr. Dickinson left the hospital system and re-opened Carmel Pediatrics, PA as a private practice in 2010. Carmel Pediatrics, PA is dedicated to treating all patients from infants to young adults.

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